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Title: Capacitor
Post by: on April 16, 2004, 09:53:13 pm
There is a experiment about the charging and discharging waveforms of a Capacitor , by the following apparatus : resistance box , CRO, signal generator

singal generator connect with capacitor in series  
 CRO connect with resistance box in parallel
capacitor , resistance and signal generator connect in series

what is the error of this experiment ? :roll:

Title: charging discharging
Post by: sb2009 on May 11, 2005, 05:38:52 am
Hi there
you might want to give a signal of very low frequency and see if you are able to visualize the charge/discharge phenomenon of the capacitor. Else use a DC source, (use high values of resistance and capacitance so that that rise and fall times are reasonably high) and switch it on and off at periodic intervals.

Title: Re: Capacitor
Post by: Kelly Swift on February 18, 2012, 02:03:34 pm

Waiting for your new post.