Fu-Kwun Hwang

Dept. of Physics, National Taiwan Normal University
# 88,sec. 4, Ting-Chou Rd.
Taipei, Taiwan 116

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Ph.D. 1991, University of Maryland, College Park
Dissertation: Measurement of magnetic Properties of Confined Compact Toroid Plasma (Spheromak). Mentor: Dr. Alan DeSilva
B. S. 1982. Dept. of Physics, National Taiwan Normal Univ.

After finishing my undergraduate studies at National Taiwan Normal University, I went to the University of Maryland in the U.S. and did my PhD work in physics from 1985-92. I really enjoyed the fun of physics, especially when I applied it to nature phenomena or everyday life. However, I found out most high school students in Taiwan did not like physics. During the past 10 years, I spent most of my time in research and development on the use of computer tools for conceptual understanding of physics. have developed hundreds of physics related java applets on the web to help students to play with physics models in the simulation and enjoy the fun of physics. Many teachers found our applets useful for their teaching, and more than 88 mirror sites were created. Those web sites allowed me to learn more from students, parents and teachers around the world. I joined the CoLoS (Conceptual Learning Of Science) group in 2001 and worked with members to develop modeling tools. In the past, users could only play with existing simulations in the web browser. With "Easy Java Simulation" a modeling tool which can be embedded in web page, users can view the physics model behind the simulation, modify existing models, or create a blank new model. New simulations will be generated on the server and be sent back to the browser for the user to test their model. All generated simulations are freely available for offline educational use. We hope teachers and educators can work together forming a world-wide community, to share simulations, physics models and ideas for physics teaching and learning. You are welcome to visit our site and please give us any suggestions you might have.

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