Research Programs



Experimental Physics:

Condensed Matter Physics
Surface Physics
Optics and Spectroscopy
Thin Film Physics and Application
Plasma Physics 



Theoretical Physics:


Particle Physics and Field Theory
High-Energy Physics

String Theory

Cosmology and General Relativity

Statistical Mechanics

Atomic & Molecular, Optical Physics
Condensed Matter Physics


Science Education:

Development in Elementary and High School Science Education
Excellence in Teaching in Elementary and High Schools
Improvement of Student's Understanding in Science  
Multimedia Science Education
Physics Olympiad
Physics Education




Research  Laboratory:

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Laboratory
X-ray Laboratory
Ultra-Sonic Laboratory
Infrared Spectroscopy Laboratory
Low-Temperature Magnetism and Superconductor Laboratory
Solid State Optics Laboratory
Electron Ceramic Laboratory
Surface Physics Laboratory
Radiation Laboratory
Biophysics Laboratory
Laser Raman Spectroscopy Laboratory
Novel-Material Optics Laboratory

Scanning Electron Microscope Laboratory
NMR Laboratory

AFM Laboratory

Microscopy Laboratory 

New Matter Optics Laboratory


Teaching Laboratory:


General Physics Laboratory
Electromagnetics Laboratory
Optics and Opto-electronic Laboratory
Thermodynamics Laboratory

Modern Physics Laboratory
Electronics Laboratory
Science Education Laboratory
Machine Shop