Foreign Student Application

Currently, we offer M.S. degree (beginning Fall, 2006) and Ph. D. degree  to foreign applicants. Foreign applicants should refer to the information at NTNU web pages for details and application deadline. The documents requirement for the Department of Physics are listed as following:

General Requirements:

  1. Photocopy of passport (or other comparable identification documents).
  2. Photocopy of the original diploma for your highest degree.
  3. Notarized Chinese or English translation of the diploma.
  4. Notarized Chinese or English translation of grade reports in the related field.
  5. Two recommendation letters (including one which could describe your Chinese or English fluency).
  6. Study plan in Chinese or English.

Special Requirements for the Department of Physics:

  1. Three copies of your master thesis or related publications.
  2. Three copies of research plan.
  3. Three copies of your autobiography.
  4. Three copies of your grade report of your college and master education.
  5. Recommendation letter from your thesis adviser

updated: Feb. 22, 2005